Paulo Gottgtroy

Paulo Gottgtroy | Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Paulo Gottgtroy

Job Title: Chief Data Scientist

Company: Inland Revenue NZ

Dr. Paulo Gottgtroy is the Chief Data Scientist at IR/NZ. Dr Gottgtroy has more than 25 years’ experience working on different analytical programmes in both the academia and industry. He’s started his career at the Air Force as a pilot and found his passion for computer science, logics and mathematical modelling while working on war rooms and related simulations. His main interesting is on hybrid systems applications to decision management. He is current involved in IR’s Advanced Analytical Programme and establishing the Data Science Framework which includes methodologies, processes and technologies to build IR’s decision management system.   

Speaking at the following:

15:25 - 15:50
Keynote Presentation: Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Creating the Perfect Storm

Examining the exciting opportunities and pitfalls presented by machine and deep learning, as well as artificial intelligence – exploring their practical applications for your business. Constantly evolving and learning – exploring the ways in which machine learning can be used to process huge amounts of unstructured data and the feedback cycle between human and machine… Read more.

15:50 - 16:30
Keynote Panel Discussion: The Machine Learning and AI Revolution

Machine learning algorithms aren’t new, but the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data – over and over, faster and faster – is a recent development. With steady advances in digitisation and cheap computing power, what tangible opportunities does this present for optimising your business and processes? Human vs. Machine – Discussing… Read more.