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We brought Corinium’s globally acclaimed conference format to New Zealand in November 2017. The most comprehensive event for data development and innovation having gained a prime spot on the agenda of C-suite executives across the globe. 

The inaugural Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand event gathered the country’s leading data and analytics executives to share their insights on developing the infrastructure, ecosystem, buy-in, culture and strategies to effectively harness data as a strategic asset. 2017 was a fantastic event with engaging presentations, meaningful two-way discussions and invaluable networking opportunities. The two days covered many topics and issues from open data, culture, leadership skills,  data ownership  and governance strategies, to the deployment of advanced analytics.

Conference themes for 2017 included:

THE DATA DRIVEN C-SUITE - Evaluating data analytics investment, prominence and acceptance in the boardroom.

DATA FRAMEWORK: MANAGED AND GOVERNED - Data governance, quality, privacy and ethics. Developing robust data strategies that support the current and future needs of the enterprise.

DATA SCIENCE AND INTELLIGENCE -  Adopting and evaluating data driven approaches and tools to support the move from data insight to execution. Practical experiences on the future of analytics: open source and advanced, predictive and experimental analytics.

CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP - Defining, fostering and embedding a culture of data analytics and insight based decision making. Democratising analytics to foster insight and co-operation throughout the organisation.

THE SMART ENTERPRISE - Driving innovation, agility and business value. Monetising data to deliver strategic worth to the business.

Check out the full 2017 agenda either online or download the At-A-Glance PDF:


Congratulations to the Winners!

 Immigration New Zealand, MBIE

Arron Baker who represented Immigration New Zealand, MBIE and collected the inaugural trophy.

Read about the finalists projects here and watch out for your chance to enter the Awards for 2018!

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30+ thought leaders spoke at CDAO 2017

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Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Inspiring Ideas

What are the deliverables of the Chief Data or Analytics Officer? How can having a place in the c-suite create a data-driven organisation? Hear from the region's leading data and analytics professionals as they share their insights on the role in November.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Unique Format

Corinium's approach of visionary keynotes, strategy based panels, flash light talks & discussion groups enables the tough questions to be tackled in a discursive, inclusive manner. This is the platform to discover the latest from the industry.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Women & Diversity in Data

Hear from an incredible panel of accomplished women well versed in using data to advance industry, serve communities and derive valuable insights. This session explores what equality actually looks like and why diversity is key to business decisions.


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What people are saying

“CDAO provided an enlightening forum for discussion on what is still a relatively new and emerging area of modern Business.”

Dave Robertson, CricHQ

"It created a real sense of community, with many shared challenges and solutions offered to common issues."

Kim McFadden, Metcash

"One of the best interactive and learning events I've attended."

Tina Maclean, ANZ

Highlights from CDAO Sydney 2017

Big data insights at chief data analytics officer conference New Zealand Auckland
SAS private lunch data analytics conference chief data and analytics officer

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sydney was a resounding success with over 300 attendees across the three-day event. HUGE THANKS to all our speakers, partners and attendees! Keynotes included:

Mark Hunter, Chief Data Officer at Sainsbury’s Bank UK opened the event by sharing how architectures need to evolve in order to leverage new innovations in analytics.

Matt Kuperholz, Chief Data Scientist at PwC delved into the world of AI and how businesses should be viewing the new tech in the analytics space.

Dr Amy Shi Nash, Head of Data Science at CBA shared the frameworks that Commonwealth Bank uses to take advanced analytics to scale with large scale deployment.

With over 60 speakers and ample opportunity to engage with them over the networking breaks, and interactive sessions, attendees left feeling invigorated and inspired!