Wednesday 29th November 2017

09:00- 09:10

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ

09:10- 09:35

Keynote Presentation: Time to Terminate BAU! Enhancing the Customer Journey via the Rise of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Identifying where machine learning and artificial intelligence will add business value. Leveraging data to inform the customer experience. Discussing ways to operationalise the results from advanced analytics and models and put them in to action? How to we integrate our connected ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders and realise the vision of the “digital value… Read more.


09:35- 10:10

Keynote Panel Discussion: Meaningful Data Consumption – How to Ingest Insight into the Value Chain and Advance Data to Derive Measurable Impact

From idea to value – How to make data actionable? Identifying the main challenges of a data project and why value is first. Evaluate the (data) innovators dilemma: pull vs push? Technology driven vs business driven? Designing and adopting with ‘fast-fail’ to move forward and monetise data assets.

Ratneesh Suri PhD
Head of Customer Insights - ANZ
Duane Wilkins
Geo-Advocacy, Engagement and Outreach - Land Information New Zealand

10:35- 11:00

Keynote Presentation: Building a High Performance Advanced Analytics Team in Resource Constrained Markets

Sharing Vodafone New Zealand’s journey to  build a high performing Data Science team in a market that does not offer many candidates. Exploring the technology ecosystem. Defining data science as a team sport that enables graduates to join and be instantly valuable within a team. Highlighting the solutions that Vodafone’s analytics team has delivered,  and… Read more.

David Bloch
Head of Analytics & Data Strategy - Vodafone


11:30- 12:05

Discussion Group: The Analytics Translator – Delivering the Last Mile

How to make sure your analytics outputs are actionable? What does good and not so good look like? Let’s discuss some of your stories.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Cyrus Facciano
Director - Data & Analytics National Leader - PwC Digital

12:05- 12:40

Discussion Group – Women and Diversity in Data

Featuring an incredible panel of accomplished women well versed in using data to advance industry, serve communities and derive valuable insights. Issues to be addressed: What challenges do you feel exist, and what do you believe we can do to overcome these and establish women and other minorities within senior data and technology roles? How… Read more.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Tina MacLean
Former General Manager Information and Insights - ANZ
Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ
Lana West
Head of People and Culture - Beca New Zealand


11:30- 12:05

Presentation – AI: Transforming the Hype into Reality!

In this session, Vikash will showcase how Wine-Searcher created a production line of cutting-edge AI applications – text mining, machine learning and image processing to maintain their pole position in the price and location of all wine in the world.. Wine-Searchers \’s increasing suite of AI applications includes a chat bot, Casey – your wine… Read more.

Dr Vikash Kumar
Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Team Leader - Wine Searcher

12:05- 12:40

Presentation – Advanced Analytics to Optimise Infrastructure Networks and Minimise Forward Capital Liability in Auckland’s Growth Boom

This session will showcase infrastructure analytics which is underpinning Auckland’s growth. Providing some animations and real-life examples of how this is affecting infrastructure decisions that inform social and affordable housing solutions and the city we all aspire to live, work and play in!

Haydn Read
Head of Infrastructure Programmes - Auckland Council

13:40- 14:05

Keynote Presentation: An End to Silos! Building Internal Bridges to Make Data and Analytics Pervasive

Defining the reality of becoming a data driven organisation. Harmonising all data related silos to capitalise on the strategic and tactical benefits that come with a data-driven approach to problem solving. Supporting your cross organisational data initiatives by delivering the right outcome to your key internal customers.

Adele Marshall
Former Data & Intelligence Manager & Strategic Product Owner - Southern Cross Health Society

14:05- 14:30

Keynote Interview: From Big Data to Big Value – Building Smarter Organisations

Drawn to data: Analytics as a lens for change. Exploring the ways to convert data into actionable insights – distilling the customer’s voice to inform and improve products. Examining the ways in which you can learn from mistakes and overcome roadblocks to develop more mature analytic cultures. 

Mark Topham
Head of Data & Analytics - Kiwibank
Sam Daish
Head of Data Innovation - Xero
Dnyanesh Prabhu
Enterprise Data Architect - SKY TV New Zealand

15:00- 15:25

Keynote Presentation: Making Life Better for Kiwis – How Data Science is Creating Data Driven Services at Trade Me

Building products supercharged with data science that users love Delivering best-fit data science services with cloud technologies to do it fast Getting staff excited about what Data (and understanding how we can help them) Some Trade Me data wins so far (we’ve only just begun)

Simon Young
Head of Product Development - Trade Me

15:25- 15:50

Keynote Presentation: Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Creating the Perfect Storm

Examining the exciting opportunities and pitfalls presented by machine and deep learning, as well as artificial intelligence – exploring their practical applications for your business. Constantly evolving and learning – exploring the ways in which machine learning can be used to process huge amounts of unstructured data and the feedback cycle between human and machine… Read more.


15:50- 16:30

Keynote Panel Discussion: The Machine Learning and AI Revolution

Machine learning algorithms aren’t new, but the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data – over and over, faster and faster – is a recent development. With steady advances in digitisation and cheap computing power, what tangible opportunities does this present for optimising your business and processes? Human vs. Machine – Discussing… Read more.

Suhel Mangera
Data Science Product Manager - Trade Me
Dr Vikash Kumar
Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Team Leader - Wine Searcher
Dr David Duan
Principal Data Scientist - Fraedom


Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close of CDAO New Zealand 2017

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ