Tuesday 28th November 2017

08:50- 09:00

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ

09:00- 09:25

Keynote Presentation: What is Open Data?

This session will focus on the Open Government Data Programme – the intention of the government polices, purpose, goals and strategies. Highlighting the growing public data asset and a variety of real life examples of how open data has been reused in innovative ways.  

Paul Stone
Open Government Data Programme Leader - Stats NZ

09:25- 09:50

Human Centred Analytics – The Importance of the Human in the Age of the Machine

What part does the human play at both ends of the analytics process? Do we need Artificial Wisdom to go with Artificial Intelligence? What cultural blockers do we see on the road toward being a “data driven organisation?”

Cyrus Facciano
Director - Data & Analytics National Leader - PwC Digital

09:50- 10:00

Audience Interactive Icebreaker: How Do You Do Data?

Let’s start how we mean to go on, in discussion making valuable industry connections. 

10:25- 10:50

Presentation: Revolutionising the Viewing Experience of the Tour de France

How do you use data and analytics to change the way fans experience the worlds largest annual sporting event? Dimension Data is helping Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O) use technology to engage cycling fans, viewers, and the media in the digital world. Peter Gray, Senior Director Technology, Sports Practice at Dimension Data, will focus on how live… Read more.

Peter Gray
Senior Director of Technology, Sports Practice - Dimension Data

11:20- 11:55

Data-Driven Leaders Panel: Operationalise and Monetise… Putting Data to Work

Data is now recognised as a business asset, the current struggle is to quantify its value and ultimate monetise it. To gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results that create competitive advantage, new business opportunities and deliver effective customer experience, strong data-centric leaders are required to spearhead a data enabled organisation. Design and deliver:… Read more.

David Thomas
Chief Analytics Officer - BNZ

11:55- 12:20

Machine Learning or Learning Machine, What Are You Really Trying to Achieve?

McKinsey research suggests that digital laggards (bottom quartile) struggle to remain competitive in turbulent markets. Even fast-moving incumbents are only given “a chance to stay in the game”. Since digital laggards are more negatively impacted by market turbulence than others, how do you prevent from falling behind in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning race?… Read more.

Craig Rodger
Advanced Analytics Domain Lead - SAS

12:20- 12:45

Keynote Presentation: Don’t Blind Me with Science- Fostering a Culture of Data Enabled Decision Making for Everyone

At NZDF we all have a role to play in decision making; whether you are the person asking the questions or the person answering them. A data and information enabled organisation is one that understands it is our people who make the biggest difference to how well we achieve our outcomes and deliver to the… Read more.

Annette Cooper
Data and Analytics Lead, Knowledge and Information Management Directorate - New Zealand Defence Force


14:00- 14:35

Discussion Group – Bridging the Talent Gap: Examining How we Recruit and Retain the Best People

Attracting talent in a competitive market. Selecting the best person who will stay, strive and add to your culture. Retaining staff by understanding their motivators.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Tony Pownall
Auckland General Manager - Hudson
Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Sarah White
Associate Director – Analytics - Hudson

14:35- 15:10

Discussion Group – Implementing Effective and Actionable Governance: Best Practices

Data integrity: Getting to the roots of enterprise data quality problems and discussing strategies for data cleansing. Successful strategies to champion governance initiatives – how efficient are data stewards and councils? Communicating to all business functions – what are the most effective ways of communicating the importance of compliance to governance standards at grass roots… Read more.

Mike Congdon
Head of Enterprise Information Management - NZ Post
Shawn Lewis
Head of Analytics Transformation - Bank of New Zealand

15:10- 15:45

Discussion Group – Building A Data Driven Culture

Generating an understanding of what value data can bring to make timely well informed and impactful decisions. Ensuring data is managed, understood and governed consistently across the organisation. Breaking down enterprise silos.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Karen Codd
Data & CRM Strategist


14:00- 14:35

Presentation – How LoyaltyNZ are Utilising Big Data to Enable Innovation

Building data lakes, the technology choices made and why. Enabling real time data whilst providing historical context. Allowing ML to become a business as usual. Key considerations for data quality and integrity and the cultural shift.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Dave Robertson
Data Architect & former Chief Data Officer CricHQ - LoyaltyNZ

14:35- 15:10

Presentation – Customer 360: A New Way Forward

The concept of building a 360 view of the customer is not a new concept, however, how you deliver results successfully with Customer 360 has changed. Today, customers expect an organisation to not only know them, but also provide a consistent multichannel experience that is personalised to their preferences, and relevant to their specific needs,… Read more.

David Leach
Chief Executive Officer - Qrious

15:10- 15:45

Presentation – Successfully Implement An Effective Enterprise-Wide Data Management Framework

Examining effective strategies for implementing an enterprise-wide data management framework. Discussing how you can successfully building data policies, standards and frameworks. Avoiding the potential pitfalls and challenges.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand
Susan Needham
Senior Manager Customer, Digital & CRM Analytics - Westpac

16:15- 16:35

Data May Not Be The Asset You Think It Is

Just as we get to grips with data lakes and smart analytics, the intersection of technological and societal tide-waves continue to change the landscape. Canvassing our global perspective and experience, we speculate on future disruptions and how the frantic pace of change maybe only a taste of what’s to come.

Julie Mckay
Group Strategy Manager - Equifax

16:35- 16:55

CDAO SPOTLIGHT SESSIONS: A Power for Good! Revealing the Human Impact of Data Initiatives

Showcasing two 10 minute spotlight talks focusing on the essential ingredients to solve critical business/community challenges with data.

16:55- 17:25

THE PROJECT: Have you Realised Spectacular Value from your Analytics Project?

** An Opportunity for your Organisation/Team to be Recognised ** Three short-listed finalists will present for 10 minutes each.  The audience will vote on their favourite project presented, no standard metrics just based on audience chills and thrills. Awarding the winner the all important bragging rights, and our ‘Data Champions’ trophy. View the finalists here.

17:25- 17:30

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ