Craig Rodger

Craig Rodger

Job Title: Advanced Analytics Domain Lead

Company: SAS

Craig, an experienced Advanced Analytics practitioner, has been in the IT and analytics industry for over 25 years.  As many of you have also experienced, Craig has seen the analytics industry and landscape change significantly in the last 5 years. The growth of the wave around Big Data and predictive analytics led him to work for Coles Financial Services on the team that built out their Hadoop based analytics platform. Craig’s role was to lead the advanced analytics team. This provided the opportunity to be a member of the architectural team responsible for platform design and construction. For a period he also looked after the digital team which afforded the opportunity to create a more comprehensive customer view to support digital that incorporated analytics as a key capability.

The role at Coles Financial Services made use of his experience in consulting as well as predictive modelling techniques and technologies acquired through working with organisations like KPMG and Teradata. These organisations provided the opportunity to build experience in the open source analytics world as well as draw on his experience in the data warehousing and business intelligence area.

As many organisations today are learning, analytics is never easy and the additional options and opportunities presented by the Hadoop ecosystem don’t always make getting the value out of data smoother. Craig focuses on using advanced techniques in Statistics and Machine Learning, along with technology architecture experience to help organisations understand how to get more out of their data investments than what they put in.

Craig has a Masters Degree in business and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Statistics.

Speaking at the following:

11:55 - 12:20
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