Duane Wilkins

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Duane Wilkins

Job Title: Geo-Advocacy, Engagement and Outreach

Company: Land Information New Zealand

Duane is an advocate of the value derived from geospatial information and works to raise awareness and understanding of geospatial information concepts.  His gifts are in capability development, at the core helping agencies and industry to understand how to use geospatial data to leverage the opportunities and gains geospatial analytics offer, to support decision makers to visualise new relationships with geography, using the “Power of Where”.

Currently working at Land Information New Zealand, he began his career as a developer and progressing through professional project management, Duane led the implementation of geospatial technology to support infrastructure reconstruction throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has led its application for sectors as diverse as Health, Local Government, Conservation, Treaty Settlements and managed vendor provided professional services.

Speaking at the following:

09:35 - 10:10
Keynote Panel Discussion: Meaningful Data Consumption – How to Ingest Insight into the Value Chain and Advance Data to Derive Measurable Impact

From idea to value – How to make data actionable? Identifying the main challenges of a data project and why value is first. Evaluate the (data) innovators dilemma: pull vs push? Technology driven vs business driven? Designing and adopting with ‘fast-fail’ to move forward and monetise data assets.