Haydn Read

Haydn Read

Job Title: Head of Infrastructure Programmes

Company: Auckland Council

Haydn has nearly 20 years international experience in manufacturing and operations management, predominantly as a senior executive in the steel industry. He returned to New Zealand in 2007 to where for the last decade and has managed large infrastructure portfolios, and in particular the strategic asset management planning and investment functions in Wellington City. In 2014 he took the Programme Director lead for NZ Treasury funded NZ Asset Metadata (shared data) Standards and Smart Cities Programmes. More recently he has accepted the role as the Head of Infrastructure Programmes at Auckland Council.

His interest now lies within smart ICT in infrastructure and the possibilities inherent in new technologies, big data, analytics and evidence-based investment decisions in public infrastructure. His application of these technologies have provided the capacity to transform the design, construction and management of infrastructure assets; the management and use of existing assets; and the operations of transportation networks, water utilities, energy providers, and associated built environments. His experiences with these technologies have been transformational.

Haydn has a Master’s of Science from Auckland University, an MBA in International Business and Finance from Melbourne, and currently working towards a PhD at Victoria University’s School of Government. The working title of his thesis is “Decision-making in Local Government – what influences elected member decisions in large infrastructure investments?”

Speaking at the following:

12:05 - 12:40
Presentation – Advanced Analytics to Optimise Infrastructure Networks and Minimise Forward Capital Liability in Auckland’s Growth Boom

This session will showcase infrastructure analytics which is underpinning Auckland’s growth. Providing some animations and real-life examples of how this is affecting infrastructure decisions that inform social and affordable housing solutions and the city we all aspire to live, work and play in!