Ratneesh Suri PhD

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Ratneesh Suri PhD

Job Title: Head of Customer Insights

Company: ANZ

Dr. Ratneesh Suri currently leads the advanced analytic roles for ANZ NZ playing an instrumental role in shaping up actionable insights. She is passionate about transforming data into insight-led initiatives to enable a superior personalised customer experience along with improved and measurable business outcomes.  After completing her doctorate in applied mathematics, Dr. Suri transitioned to banking industry to put the analytical skills and discipline learnt through the PhD into practice.

As a highly skilled and successful leader, Ratneesh possesses a wide range of knowledge and diverse work experience spanning across a variety of streams including data, analytics, digital, performance metrics, marketing and strategy. Proficient in translating business priorities into data-driven projects, Ratneesh advocates starting from the vision and working backwards to build strategies, analytics and the underpinning capability ecosystem to enable automation and CX in a digital first economy. Her current focus is to enable interactive, self-service analytics that can drive insight-led business transformation.

Speaking at the following:

09:35 - 10:10
Keynote Panel Discussion: Meaningful Data Consumption – How to Ingest Insight into the Value Chain and Advance Data to Derive Measurable Impact

From idea to value – How to make data actionable? Identifying the main challenges of a data project and why value is first. Evaluate the (data) innovators dilemma: pull vs push? Technology driven vs business driven? Designing and adopting with ‘fast-fail’ to move forward and monetise data assets.