Tina MacLean

Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Tina MacLean

Job Title: Former General Manager Information and Insights

Company: ANZ

Tina is a data and analytics leader with a passion for helping organisations unlock customer value for the digital-first world. Her recent roles have included GM Information and Insights and Head of Customer Insights for ANZ where she led a large team of data and analytics practitioners.

Tina’s earlier career focused on strategy, business transformation, and analytics for large complex organisations including Centrica and BT in the UK. She also worked as strategist and account director for marketing agencies with large scale, data driven, marketing focused clients, including Diageo and Barclays Bank.

Speaking at the following:

12:05 - 12:40
Discussion Group – Women and Diversity in Data

Featuring an incredible panel of accomplished women well versed in using data to advance industry, serve communities and derive valuable insights. Issues to be addressed: What challenges do you feel exist, and what do you believe we can do to overcome these and establish women and other minorities within senior data and technology roles? How… Read more.